Weblog Article: „Feminist Urbanism: Smashing the Patriarchy in Urban Design”

The spatial component of feminism is often underestimated. In her article „Feminist Urbanism: Smashing the Patriarchy in Urban Design” Sneha Visakha, legal researcher and host of the “Feminist City Podcast”, raises the questions who cities are made for, who makes cities and what principles urban planning is based on. Further she highlights the importance of a new perspective on urban planning: Feminist urbanism stands for an approach that takes women’s experiences, their safety, and their use of the city into account.
The article was published on 8th March, International Women’s Day 2023 on Urbanet as a part of the spotlight on “Gender, LNOB and feminist development policy” in March. Urbanet is a weblog that fosters the international dialogue on development cooperation and provides a platform for experts in the fields of sustainable urban development, municipal and local governance and decentralization.

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