Weblog article: “Creating ‘Integrated and safe neighbourhoods for all’ through international peer learning exchange”

© GIZ/D4UC, Stefan Möhl

Creating public spaces in which all genders and vulnerable groups feel safe is a task of global significance. What works and what doesn’t in implementing this goal is therefore not limited to one place or project. On the contrary, projects can learn from each other’s experience. In her Urbanet article, Linda Heiss uses the example of a project that took place in a park in South Africa to explain how the GIZ-“Dialogues for Urban change” project utilizes international peer-learning exchange to implement gender-transformative approaches.

The article was published on 30th March, on Urbanet as part of the spotlight on “Gender, LNOB and feminist development policy” in March 2023. Urbanet is a weblog that fosters the international dialogue on development cooperation and provides a platform for experts in the fields of sustainable urban development, municipal and local governance and decentralization.

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