INFO CARAVANS: Innovation – Technology for the Gender Equality in Civil Status

Les femmes du Bureau National de l’État Civil ensemble pour UN MONDE DIGITAL INCLUSIF :  INNOVATION ET TECHNOLOGIES POUR L’ÉGALITÉ DES SEXES/ Registration: An Important Tool for the Protection of Women and Girls’ Rights in Digital Spaces

There will be one info caravan each in the Cameroonian cities of Buea & Douala. In close cooperation with the local partner BUNEC (National Civil Status Registration Office), an open truck will tour the two cities and use a sound system to draw attention to the relevance of civil status for further development. Furthermore, stops will be made at many lively places in the cities, in order to go on foot with information material into the markets, for example, and to exchange directly with the population, to explain to them the benefits of a regulated civil status and to learn about their problems in this regard.

Particular attention is being paid, also as part of BUNEC’s digitalization campaign, to the new digital processes that will modernize the civil status system in Cameroon.
In this context, the advantages for women through digitalization will be communicated, as they play a dominant role in the organization of regular civil status registrations. Furthermore, during the campaign, women will be approached in particular, so that on the one hand they will be informed about the indispensability of birth or marriage certificates and on the other hand, we will learn about the obstacles of these declarations for Cameroonian women. The aim is to inform the civil population, especially women, about the advantages of civil status documentation and subsequently to create further motivation by simplifying it through digitalization.