The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with GIZ, will organize an event to share the results of the project Upcycling MAPs into Detergents (UMID), the distribution of vocational training certificates, an exhibition of the products produced and a live production performance.

The project Upcycling MAPs into Detergents (UMID) is financed by the German Government through GIZ (SRD) in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and implemented by Social Development Investment (SDI) in Shkodra and Korca regions (Albania).

Objective of the project is rural development through empowerment of women & youth utilizing circular economy activities.

The project has proven that income generation through circular economy activities is possible in rural region. It reached out to more than 100 people and 20 businesses whereas 40 people has acquired the skills of soaps and detergent making in four rural working places: Shkodra (Bardhaj, Oblik and Koplik) and one in Korca region. During the training’s biodegradable, phosphorus free and vegan; soaps, shampoo, liquid soaps and detergents have been produced in artisanal way, using upcycled, recycled and environmentally friendly component, utilizing:

1) Recycling, essential oil distilled water of Medicinal Aromatic Plants (MAPs) into soaps and shampoo.

2) Upcycling fast foods used cooking oil into dishwashing detergents.

3) Upcycling of dry Soapwort flowers into clothes washing detergents.

4) Upcycling of Horse Chestnuts into clothes washing detergents.

while 4 brands have been created.