GIZ Gender Analysis as tool to promote gender equality in higher education in Mongolia

On March 15, 2022 German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT), will set the spotlight on the GIZ Gender Analysis developed for the new project duration. During the event the new Gender Analysis and trainings for partners will promote a joint understanding on todays’ gender challenges in higher education in Mongolia.  The goal of this training is not only to increase gender sensibility at the workplace and study environment, but also to disseminate updated recent understanding of gender equality to the GMIT school staff. The importance to complete this training to increase gender sensibility and maintain an ethical environment at GMIT is being shared among all staff to motivate their active participation.

About the GMIT: German expertise – Mongolian talent: The governments of Germany and Mongolia co-founded the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT) in 2013. GMIT operates in close cooperation with German partner universities and other international institutions. The University offers the opportunity to study on international academic standards. GMIT is unique in Mongolia, because of its strong application-oriented curriculum and focus on the comprehensive personal development of its students.  The Faculty of Engineering, and the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer, and Natural Sciences – together with the Language and Didactic Center – work together synergistically and form a strong foundation for applied research as well as for practice-oriented education in engineering. GMIT is committed to Scientific excellence, Internationality and Diversity, Lifelong learning, Employability and Entrepreneurship, Industry relevance, Interdisciplinary thinking, Social responsibility, Advanced research and innovation for the benefit of the Mongolian society. Since 2019, GMIT is internationally accredited by ACQUIN, and received the Institutional Accreditation by MNCEA.