cTVET project improves TVET schools’ organisational gender capacities through Participatory Gender Audits

Cooperative Technical and Vocational Education and Training (cTVET)  developed and submitted recommendations to formulate gender sensitive articles to be integrated in the TVET law revision. The government working group for TVET law reform process were working together with national gender experts experienced in policy and framework reform. The project supports the partner schools to evaluate their organization with a gender lens. In this regard, Participatory Gender Audits at TVET schools and stakeholders and consultations to take action by the partner TVET schools is part of the projects efforts to support the implementation of the gender law and regulations on gender equality in Mongolia. The cTVET project aims to improve the capacity of the Mongolian TVET system through gender transformative policy advice, institutional development and development of initial and further training program for TVET teachers.

The “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)” supports the vocational education and training reform process in Mongolia together with international and national counterparts within the cTVET project. The project is commissioned by BMZ, co-financed by the German and Korean Governments and jointly implemented with the Mongolian Government.