The Week of Timor-Leste’s Women Leaders

Ha’u feto tenke sai lider ba ha’u-nia a’an rasik – I’m a woman and I am a leader for myself

During the gender week, we are picking up the theme chosen for the International Women’s Day by the Timorese Secretary State for Equalitiy and Inclusion “Women Leadership in the world of Covid-19”.

We will be posting an online exhibition of Timorese women leaders on GIZ Timor-Leste’s Facebook page and aim to spark some converstations. For this, we’ve interviewed leaders of institutions and NGOs but also women that are leading their families through the pandemic and into a better future through hard work and determination. These strong women shared with us, what it means to be a good leader and how one can become a leader for oneself.
They show us that everyone can be a leader and that we all everyone can contribute our part to make Timor-Leste a better place.