Launch of a podcast to promote gender equality, skills development and TVET in Mongolia – Episode 1: Gender and Career

For the Gender Week 2021, a national gender expert, NGO expert, a female welding teacher and a project gender focal person shared their experiences, thoughts and concerns on gender, careers and COVID-19. Starting the first episode in honor of the International Womens’ Day set a sign for gender equality in TVET and skills development. In the up-coming episodes the Podcast will address many more topics with a variety of guests. Gender and Career Podcast Episode Nr. 1 will be aired on 15. March 2021. 

A podcast studio at Vocational Education and Partnership (VETP) NGO was established in Mongolia with the support of the Cooperative Technical Vocational Education and Training (cTVET)  project in Mongolia. The podcast aims to promote skills and  occupations to the younger generation as well as to improve the knowledge sharing among the TVET network in Mongolia. This is one of many  COVID-19 response measure, which was enabled through the additional funds, provided by the BMZ to Mongolia in order to support the TVET sector to be resilient in the future. 

In scarcely populated regions of Mongolia, young people were left with unfinished training, improvised online classes and workplace uncertainty. After one year since the first lockdown, the need for local production and infrastructure development is challenging the economic development. The TVET sector is now under high pressure to adapt to the challenges and to attract youth into TVET.  

Commissioned by the BMZ, the cTVET project is funded by the Governments of Germany, Australia, Korea and being implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in close partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.





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