Join-in Circuit on gender-relevant issues

In the course of Gender Week 2018, GIZ Uganda’s Mainstreaming Task Team conducted a total of 4 activities.

The start of Gender week was celebrated with a Join in Circuit (JIC). The JIC is a practical and interactive tool, developed by GIZ and the German Federal Centre for Health Education. In Uganda, this tool has been adapted and extended to include Gender-related topics such as Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Control, Contraceptives use and Parenthood. More than 30 participants from various programs of GIZ Uganda tried out this tool, not only for their own benefit, but also for possible use in their programs.


Poster: 2018 EN Poster GenderWeek Uganda

Next up was one of our Workplace Talks, with the title PRUDEV: Best Practice Example for Gender Mainstreaming in a Program.

PRUDEV, our rural development program, gave a presentation on how they mainstream Gender in their agricultural trainings. With almost a third of GIZ Uganda staff attending, this event led to lively and engaging discussions, leaving participants motivated to think of even more ways to mainstream Gender into their activities.

Another day, another topic: Self-Defence Class. During the two hour self-defence class, participants learnt tips and tricks on how to defend themselves, using their body and everyday tools. Apart from having a lot of fun and engaging in physical exercise, participants left better equipped for crisis and with more self-confidence.

Last but not least, our two GIZ Uganda programs Promotion of Energy and Energy-efficiency (PREEEP)and E4D/SOGA had organized a Gender Sensitization Workshop for all of their staff.  They engaged in an interactive lecture on Gender issues in Uganda with a renowned professor from Makerere University and received a small input on the Safeguards & Gender Management System by the GIZ Uganda Gender Focal Point.