Young Women Mentoring Program in Uganda

MY WORLD – Mentoring Young Women: Road to Leadership Development

7. March 2017 | 15:00 – 16:30 | Eschborn, ED 11067

Presentation and Open Discussion

Through its Agricultural and Rural Finance (AGRUFIN) Program, GIZ on behalf of BMZ has been supporting the agricultural and financial sector in Uganda for many years. Currently several universities are qualifying young candidates for the financial sector and among them, there are many well qualified female students. As statistics reveal, low-key job positions in Uganda are disproportionally often held by women, whereas executive and managerial positions are mostly held by men. These facts underline the necessity to support young women in Uganda in developing their career path, but also advising them on how to realise both their plans (i.e. career and family) at the same time. For this purpose, AGRUFIN in cooperation with the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services, the pan-African Network New Faces New Voices and Mountains of the Moon University has established a mentoring program called MY WORLD.

MY WORLD – Mentoring Young Women: Road to Leadership Development is an initiative with the aim of guiding young women in Uganda with regard to their future professional and personal development. This mentoring program is the first of its kind in Uganda. The pilot program was implemented over a period of twelve months, from January 2016 until January 2017. The next phase with new mentees and mentors has just been started in February 2017. The program helps the participating mentees to broaden their knowledge about possible professional pathways; to develop their personal skills; to build up a professional network; and to develop important relationships.

The session will shed light on the approach chosen, lessons learnt and success factors and the future outlook of the program. The presentation may be followed by an open discussion for all interested participants.

GIZ staff my access the MY WORLD Mentoring Toolkit as well.