Women, Land and Corruption

The national chapter of Transparency International in Madagascar produced a short movie (~ 5 minutes) on the topic: “Women, land and corruption”. This short movie will be broadcasted on the national TV channel of Madagascar (TVM) and a private channel (Kolo TV) within a debate with experts on the difficulties encountered by women to access to land property.

The week before March 8th a teaser of 1 minute will be diffused on both channels each day before the evening TV News to aware citizen on the topic.

After the Gender Week the short film will be shown in High Schools and at the University of Antananarivo within live debates. Afterwards the sonor band will be diffused on national and regional radios where Transparency International Madagascar works on land rights and access to property.

A second version of the film will be created with special testimonies from the southern regions of Madagascar where women’s rights are particuliary denied. This version in local languages from South Madagascar will be broadcasted on regional radios and used for local sensibilizations.

The short film in malagasy language with subtitles in French and English will be available on the website of Transparency International Madagascar after March 8th 2017.

For further information please contact: communication@transparency.mg or severine.diallo@cimonline.de.

Website Transparency International Madagascar: www.transparency.mg