Women in public spaces

Event Documentation:

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Women’s Day by GIZ in Mozambique, the Good Financial Governance („BGF“) program is pleased to present several of its initiatives for gender equity and women empowerment in the country.

Aspects of our work with local governments and civil society actors will be displayed in interactive forms such as a film and a quick photo reportage. The film showcases the work of civil society activists informing and supporting women in their struggles to secure land rights for themselves in the Province of Inhambane. In the continuity of the Urban Festival that GIZ organized in 2016, the photo reportage presents the work of students documenting the relation of women with the urban public space in Maputo.

Gender equity has also proven to be a most relevant strategy in disseminating the objectives and goals of the Renewable Energy Program (EnDev). It has been interesting to analyze the different approaches made by retailers when it comes to the sale and promotion of renewable energy products. The knowledge gained through experience helps us to better elaborate, for example, targeted marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

The panel discussion between partners, activists and GIZ colleagues will be moderated by the Sociologist Júlio Langa, founder of the gender organization „Men for Change“ (www.hopem.org.mz) at the venu of the Mozambican Writer Association. Friends from various gender equity related institutions and organizations are expected to join us during the event on 8th of March. It is organized with the help of Maria Mabota (GIZ Climate Program), Joséphine Hébert (consultant BGF), Pedro Conde (EnDev) under coordination of Marco Hanitzsch (Gender Focal Person).

Human Rights based Gender Equity Approaches“ is the topic of a training for the Mozambican GIZ Program Gender Focal Person already on 6 of March.


When: 08 march 2017

With: Júlio Langa, Maria Mabota, Joséphine Hébert, Pedro Conde, Marco Hanitzsch