Screening and panel discussion: “Think again!” in Benin

The energy sector contributes significantly to the key pillars of sustainable, social, economic and environmental development. Unfortunately, women are underrepresented in this sector, whether as members of communities where energy projects are implemented, in public offices where energy programs and projects are designed or as private actors involved in energy decision-making. Therefore, equitable sharing of benefits between women and men in the energy development of the ECOWAS region is essential to the achievement of the sector’s objectives, in particular with regard to sustainable development.

The documentary “Think again! ” aims to enable us to take measures that support the empowerment of women in the energy sector; to encourage men and women to work together to achieve positive changes in the energy sector in West Africa and to change the stereotypical vision of women as mere consumers of energy, but rather as energy consumers and contributors to bridging the energy gap. The film be showed at the Main Office of the project “Promotion of climate-friendly interconnected power system in West Africa” (WAPP).