Safety for Men and Women Self Defense Training at GIZ India

The Security Desk of GIZ India organized two separate self-defense trainings during the GIZ Gender Week 2017– for both women and men.

Self-defence_training_for_menThe trainings were conducted in close cooperation with MitKat (safety and security consultant group). Each three hour training session covered the following topics:

  • Module 1: Evasion, Avoidance and Deterrence
    Interactive discussion and presentation on how to stay safe in various situation that you may encounter while travelling in your own vehicle, public transport or out of town as well as how to stay safe while socializing on social media.
  • Module 2: General self-defence training
    Practical session with demonstrations and full participation by all Trainees on how to use your own body effectively for your self defence.
  • Module 3: Using common implements and accessories for protection
    Practical session with demonstrations of how to use common implements for self-defence.

The trainings form part of GIZ India’s Gender Week 2017 events. Check out the GIZ India Gender Café Event as well! GIZ staff may access further information as well as pictures of the event here.