Gender event: Addressing the gender gap in agriculture

The “Agricultural Innovation Support Project” in collaboration with its partner AGRITEX Mutare will host a gender event in Mutare rural district.

Theme: “Together for gender equality, together for successful development” (Kubudirira kunoda tose)

Women disproportionately experience limited opportunities due to various factors linked to either their reproductive roles or cultural expectations, which tend to affect how they mobilise resources for successful farming. In many cases women often produce small amounts and are limited to the local village markets, where the markets are already saturated.

In the agriculture and food security sectors, women continue to have limited access to and control over land, production inputs and extension services and opportunities for them to expand upon their important role in food security.

Closing the gender gap in agriculture is important for increasing productivity in both rural areas and the national economy and for providing adequate and appropriate services for both women and men. As extension and other development partners remain a significant resource of information for limited resource farmers (the majority of whom are women), the inclusion of methodologies and approaches that address gender are critical for the continued success of agricultural development work.

The event will be a highly interactive event targeting to address topics like gender and agriculture, gender and nutrition, gender based violence and agriculture, through drama, poem, music and dance competitions. Prizes will be awarded to best performing farmer groups and individuals (inclusive of extension workers) as well as incentives for all runner ups. Expected participants will be  Mutare district small scale farmers, representatives of the Ministry of Gender and Women Empowerment Mutare Office and  AGRITEX officers.