Breaking down gender stereotypes in the world of work

Panel discussion and information market

Following UN Women’s theme for this year’s international women’s day „Women in the changing world of work“, GIZ Cameroon will host an afternoon of presentations and discussions around “Breaking gender stereotypes in the world of work” in Cameroon. This event is one of a series of event organized by the GIZ in Cameroon.

The Gender gap in Cameroon, as in many parts of the world, is still significant: in salary, access to employment, work relations and economic opportunities. Women are also still underrepresented in public office and politics. Nevertheless some women and men are on the forefront of change, as they broke out of their ascribed gender roles and expectations towards them and work in professions and positions that are considered atypical for their gender.

In an opening note Mrs Prudence Galega, (MINEPDED / Nkumu Fed Fed) will address the audience, sharing the experiences and insights she gained as a successful women in Cameroon and founder of Nukumu Fed Fed, an associations of women’s empowerment organization.

Following this keynote a panel discussion will take place, giving opportunity to women and men who work in gender-untypical professions or positions to share their career paths and the experiences they made along the way.

As the conclusion of our event several women’s organizations will present their work and their goals in an information fair, giving panelists, association members and the audience room to inform, get informed and exchange ideas.