Burkina Faso
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Beitrag der Grünen Innovationszentren in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Audit (DEI Audit)

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Fund for Regional Stabilization and Development within ECOWAS


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Candidature dans les catégories mainstreaming du genre GIZ Burkina Faso

GIZ Burkina Faso, Projet Promotion de l’emploi pour les Jeunes en milieu rural (ProEmploi)

Burkina Faso: Budgeting for Gender and Children’s Rights

Payoffs from coherent social and fiscal policies can be substantial. This is particular true in Burkina Faso where only one of 100 women and only four in 100 men complete secondary school, where only 26 percent of women and 44


REFLECTING THE REALITY OF WOMEN’S ACTIVE ROLE IN THE CASHEW VALUE CHAIN                 CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE Women are actively engaged throughout the cashew value chain; about 80% of labor in harvesting and more

Regional: Competitive African Rice Initiative

Business-driven women working in rice value chains in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania Context. Rice is one of the key staple foods in Africa. The demand is rapidly increasing: the population is growing, people are moving to urban areas


SEXUAL HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS (PROSAD) IN BURKINA FASO CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE Before the law, men and women are considered equal in Burkina Faso. However, in reality women’s rights are continuously denied and neglected; violence against women by their own

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15 African Countries: Gender in agricultural value chain promotion

“The African farmer and her husband…” This proverb entails in essence the importance of women in the African agricultural sector: women form the backbone of African smallholder farming. However, significant gender inequalities can be found in people’s access to key

Burkina Faso: 1ère femme chauffeur de la coopération allemande au Burkina 

GIZ – Concours genre 2016 Expérience de Mlle Nakoulma 1ère femme chauffeur de la Coopération Allemande au Burkina !!! En réponse à l’appel de la Chancelière Allemande, Angela Merkel, lors de son discours à la réunion des dirigeantes et dirigeants

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Burkina Faso: Renforcement du Leadership féminin: Une approche pour promouvoir la représentation et la visibilité des femmes dans les instances de décision des Collectivités Territoriales

Le « Programme Décentralisation et Développement Communal (PDDC) » est un programme de la coopération allemande, exécuté par la GIZ, qui travaille avec des partenaires étatiques et de la société civile au Burkina Faso.   L’approche présentée relève de la

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