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MENA: Regional approach to institutionalize gender mainstreaming

Women’s political participation in the Middle East is among the lowest worldwide. A goal of the programme Strengthening Women in Decision Making in the Middle East – LEAD is to support an enabling environment for gender equality and women’s leadership

Screening of a Success Story of a Palestinian Female Entrepreneur

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Gender Working Group/ Nawi Cluster is pleased to invite you all to join our brief celebration of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2017 Screening of a short success stroy “Imtiaz Awwad” a Palestinian

GIZ Palestine: “We are a voice, not an echo” – How Palestinian refugee women engage in their communities

Ramallah, West Bank/Palestine – “You should go and work in a store not as a taxi driver!” A young Palestinian man is taking a taxi in Ramallah´s city centre and cannot believe that a young woman is driving the taxi.

GIZ Palestine: Theater Play “UM Mohammed shines” on International Women’s Day

Documentation of the Event: The GIZ Gender Focal Point Group in Ramallah performed a theater play “UM Mohammed shines”, celebrating International Women’s Day. Unexpected acting talents were revealed and due to the great cooperation among programs and staff everybody seemed

Palestine: GIZ Water Program Palestine

GIZ Water Program Palestine Prepared by: Fatima Radaydeh, Qasem Saleh, Sabrina Johanniemann, Dr. Thomas Riekel 1 | Promoting Gender Equality The importance of involving women and men in provision, management, and safeguarding of water is recognized globally. Therefore the GIZ

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