Gender Competition 2018 – GG2

Gender Competition 2018 – Award Winners GG2

GG2 – Gender equality is the main objective of the project

The Selection Committee of the GIZ Gender Competition, Tanja Gönner, Chair of the GIZ Management Board and the GIZ Corporate Jury on the occasion of the Gender Competition 2018, awarded the team submissions “Gender Audits: An innovative tool for Good Governance, Institutionalizing Gender Mainstreaming in Middle Eastern public institutions” by the Regional Programme Strengthening Women in Decision Making in the Middle East (LEAD) and “La Ruta Participativa; De salto en salto a la violencia ponemos alto” by Programa Regional Combatir la violencia contra las mujeres en América Latina II (ComVoMujer) in the category GG2 due to their exceptional approach regarding the promotion of gender equality, the First Place in the Gender Competition 2018!

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Gender Competition 2018 – Runners Up

Furthermore, the best 18 teams presented their contributions in an exhibition during aduring the Gender Award Ceremony. In addition to the Award Winners of the GG2 category the following contribution presented their outstanding initiative: “Empowering Women through Access to Justice“.

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