Afghanistan: “The Promotion of the Rule of Law (RoL) in Afghanistan”

EMPOWERING CHANGE AGENTS FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE The situation for women in Afghanistan is one of the most deteriorating in the world. Women are perceived as incubators, inferior and objects. Local traditions and customary values are highly patriarchal.

Afghanistan: BUILDING IMPACT – Enabling education for girls & women

A report by the Construction Section’s Afghanistan team SECTION “CONSTRU CTION IN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION” (G230) Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province, Afghanistan November 2019        CONTEXT – Situation for women in Afghanistan Afghanistan is one of the most difficult places in

Afghanistan: Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning Workshop (W-PEXL)

Background W-PEXL idea was generated by business women in a Public and Private Dialogue (PPD) in Balkh province. It supports transitional learning by bringing together women SMEs and Women Entrepreneurs for knowledge and experience exchange. It is an open and

Afghanistan: Gender Mainstreaming within the Company Entry

Our Objectives: Thank you for holding this competition entry on Gender. We have had three goals in mind encouraged us participating to this competition and committed to implement and achieve the below objectives. 1- To contribute relevant to the subject-matter

GIZ Afghanistan Gender Week

Celebration of Gender Week in GIZ Afghanistan This time GIZ Afghanistan has successfully celebrated a full gender week package of five different programs in different days. The first program was Awareness building game and open discussion on sexual harassment. which

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GIZ Afghanistan Celebrates International Women’s Day

Promotion of gender equality is not just a commitment, but a guiding principle and a quality feature of our work in GIZ. National and international colleagues from different projects of GIZ Afghanistan came together at Kabul GIZ Compound to celebrate

Afghanistan: Contributions of the GIZ Promotion of the Rule of Law in Afghanistan (ROL) Project to Gender Equality in Afghanistan

CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE In Afghanistan, customary values and patriarchal norms entail many restrictions for women, despite their constitutionally guaranteed rights to equality and free movement. Women are poorly represented in public offices, particularly in the justice sector. Their interests and needs

Afghanistan: Women Economic Empowerment – Women for Women

Executive Summary The idea of Women for Women training program, initiated as a result of a PPD meeting in Balkh province. In this program, businesswomen volunteered to share their knowledge and experience with their peers in a network. At the

International women’s day celebrations in Afghanistan

International women’s day on 8th of March 2017 The International Women’s Day is worldwide celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women while calling for gender equality. GIZ Rule of Law supports the Directorates of Women’s Affairs  in

Launch of NPP Women Econcomic Empowerment

The Open Policy Advisory Fund (OPAF) has supported the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrer and Disabled in Afghanistan (MOLSAMD) during the process of drafting a National Priority Programm (NPP)  for Women Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan. In  a participatory process

Afghanistan: Police Cooperation Project

GIZ – PCP (Police Cooperation Project) Literacy unit of PCP works in partnership with Minister of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan and National Literacy Department of Minister of Education of Afghanistan. Objectives:  Better interaction between police and the citizens 

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Afghanistan: The long road to Gender equality in Afghanistan: A multilevel and participatory approach to improve access to justice for women

Women who claim their legal rights in Afghanistan have a hard time. For the vast majority of women the right to access education, health and social security only exists on paper. In reality things are quite different. The reason is

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Afghanistan: Gender Equality in TVET

1 Efforts for Gender equality: Gender training entail an understanding of existing gender relations and the obstacles to women’s active participation in the training addresses those obstacles by proposing context that addresses both women and men interests and needs

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Afghanistan: Strengthening Public Administration Education in Afghanistan

Project: Strengthening Public Administration Education in Afghanistan (SPA-GIZ) Strengthening Public Administration Education project in Afghanistan (SPA-GIZ) is working closely with two main Stakeholders, the Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education ) in establishing a Bachelor’s degree program offered in five universities

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Afghanistan: Regional Capacity Development Program

CONTEXT AND INITIATIVE The Taliban’s oppression of women in Afghanistan during their rule from 1996 through 2001 is well documented and included movement restrictions, the denial of the right to work, beatings and other physical abuse, arbitrary detentions, a near

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