Women can do anything! Crafts, entrepreneurship, local governance!

Women can do anything! Get active in the craft sector, build enterprises, construct communities. A dual apprenticeship system exists in Kpalimé, Togo. Yet, young women are largely underrepresented in classes. They lack role models who could inspire them to go into jobs that are not considered as typically feminine. Families often don’t encourage them either to discover new, “different” opportunities. Four days to break boundaries, open horizons, celebrate women who did get active in the craft sector, discuss on how we can together promote the presence of more women all in crafts, entrepreneurship and local governance. The diverse programme ranges from discussions, panels, and open exchange to theatere, music, and dance. Because in the end, everything is linked and we need to start somewhere to build planet 50:50!

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Name: Carina Lange
Email: carina.lange@giz.de
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