Webinar on the New Gender Strategy

In this live-stream the following key features of the new Gender Strategy and its implementation were presented:

• Contributes to all areas of action of the GIZ Corporate Strategy
• Commitment to an inclusive understanding of gender, reflecting diverse gender identities and
• GIZ underlines its non-tolerance-policy against sexual harassment which binds all colleagues
• The Gender Strategy is binding also for all GIZ subcontractors
• Building on good practice: The Five strategic elements are still the core analytical units for planning and implementing measures to reduce gender inequality.
• More visibility of all parts of the company concerning their efforts toward gender equality: annual gender planning and reporting by all company units, central and transparent documentation of activities and results. The new platform “Digital Navigator” will collect implementation plans and reports.
• Every staff member, development worker or integrated expert has a role towards the implementation of the Gender Strategy, which is laid out in the Guidelines for Operationalization. The new “Digital Pathfinder” will be introduced as an easy tool for everyone to see one’s role in a few clicks.
• There will be two new competition and award formats: A yearly Gender Leadership Award (nomination of managers by members of the workforce), and a bi-annual competition at country and divisional level, to complement the current Gender Competition which focuses on impact at project level.

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Name: Julia Schmitt
Email: julia.schmitt@giz.de
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