Equal opportunities for all? Open workshop: „Gender equality in GIZ“

                When? Thursday, March 7, 2019, 10:00 -11:30

               Where? GIZ Bonn, Mäanderbau Donau Hall

Who? Equal Opportunity Commissioner, Bonn and all interested colleagues

In this open workshop, we would like to listen to you and jointly elaborate on equal opportunities within GIZ: Are you happy with what GIZ has to offer or are you still missing something with regards to the ideal compatibility of work and family and leisure time? In your opinion, does everyone currently enjoy equal rights and opportunities? Or, do we need changes e.g. in the gender representation and distribution in Band 2? What do you think of job sharing and do you approve of part-time work in managerial positions? Is it widely accepted that both men and women take parental leave? Finally, is GIZ truly “diverse” and managing it well? If you are interested in these questions, come and get involved – we offer space for discussion, inspiration and exchange of experience!

Equal Opportunity Commissioner Bonn

Contact Details

Name: Esther Anne Löhr
Email: esther.loehr@giz.de
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