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Café Dialogue “The feminists of GIZ Ecuador: Who Are They?”

As part of this year´s Gender Week events, GIZ Ecuador held a Café Dialogue “The Feminists of GIZ Ecuador: Who Are They?” on 7 March. The informal discussion sought to uncover the male vs female perspective of what feminism means and the gender roles and stereotypes we navigate in our daily lives. A panel of three male GIZ staff spoke about what feminism meant to them, what place it had in their professional and personal lives and the challenges of understanding and overcoming their preconceptions. As a discussion starter, we had prepared a presentation of the Comic Strip The Mental Load by French artist Emma Clit, in which she dissected the ways in which gender roles were assigned within households and understood in offices that was not always equal or fair. The discussion sought to link the personal experiences of the participants to the way societies organize themselves to perpetuate gender stereotyping: how gender roles and expectations were created, the role of upbringing and education and the need to question and break with societal models that foster inequality.

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Name: Ms Tamia Otalora
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