Launch of NPP Women Econcomic Empowerment

The Open Policy Advisory Fund (OPAF) has supported the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrer and Disabled in Afghanistan (MOLSAMD) during the process of drafting a National Priority Programm (NPP)  for Women Economic Empowerment in Afghanistan. In  a participatory process including 5 areas, covering 13 provinces all over Afghanistan multiple stakeholders were engaged to deliver an NPP to advance women´s agency, autonomy, and well-being by expanding women´s access to economic resources. Within six components (e.g. removing legal barriers, access to finance, promoting access to creative economy markets, education, etc.) the ministries will be implementing in future activities targeting poor women in rural and urban areas.

The launch of this 100 Mio USD programme will be on the 8th of March under the auspices of H.E. President Ghani.
OPAF supported the MOLSAMD with a joint team of national and international consultants.

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