Afghanistan: Women Economic Empowerment – Women for Women

Executive Summary
The idea of Women for Women training program, initiated as a result of a PPD meeting in Balkh
province. In this program, businesswomen volunteered to share their knowledge and
experience with their peers in a network. At the second phase, these women and association
will expand the knowledge sharing network to other provinces. The program will help the
businesswomen and associations to upgrade their business knowledge and skills which will lead
to the growth of the business and more income which are not only in line with GIZ-SEDEP
project objectives and the country National Priority Plan- Women Economic Empowerment
pillar. Our politiacal paterner Balkh directorate of Ministry of Commerce are cooperating with
us in conduction of the idea. The program have offically been started on November 2017.

Background Information
Women economic empowerment is one of the main pillars of National Priority Program; the
program that government has promised its implementation in Brussel and other international
conferences. The NPPA, as constitution demands, aims to improve equal rights for women and
men. Equal participation of women and men in the economy is one of the important sectors on
which the government intends to focus more. Ministry of Commerce and Industry as our
partner in supporting the idea of “Women for Women” has taken steps to enhance
participation of women in business and income generation activities. To be following those
objectives, the idea of “Women for Women” program raised as result of the first women Public
Private Dialogue (PPD) in Balkh province. The idea is based on inspiring and motivating women
entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and skills to another group of women. Those women
live in far districts or provinces and have little access to educational and training opportunities.
Training technical subjects will not only improve their knowledge in their business area which
will gradually improve their businesses income.

Gender equity as feature of our work
Considering SEDEP project objectives; improving the level of income and job creation in
businesses, the idea of “Women for Women” training program is to let the businesswomen gain
new skills to grow their business. It will provide them with the opportunity to learn about other
businesses, their experiences, and challenges and ways to overcome them. Reasons behind PPD
interactions are improving coordination between government and private sectors. As this idea
came as result of a PPD meeting putting it into practice will confirm success and effectiveness
of PPD meetings outcomes.

Program Description
The “Women for Women” program is a round in round training program which does not
require a complex structure and mainly focuses on the effectiveness of the program. It will be
included of three main phases:

Training Sessions: The training are being delivered by over 14 volunteered women-owned
associations and entrepreneurs, where each businesswoman will share their knowledge and
experience with others and learn from theirs. Additionally, each of these women will invite one
to three other businesswomen to the network. The training will continue for almost three
months with a two-day per week training depending on the complexity of the subject.
 Classes Rules: In order to encourage the active participations of the trainees, they will
receive a certificate signed by MoCI and GIZ at the completion of the training.
 Closing Sessions: The training will be closed with the presence of officials from the
Ministry, GIZ, and Private Sectors. Beside participation certificate three best trainers will
also receive a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.

Expected Outcome
The decision was made as a result of a PPD meeting in Balkh, therefore conduction of
the training will confirm effectiveness and importance of our PPD meeting
The associations and businesswomen will develop their business skills which will help
them increase their level of production and income.
Expansion of knowledge sharing network will motivate other women to apply the idea in
other provinces.

As a sustainability of the program, the knowledge network will be expanded to the districts of
Balkh province to the small and medium businesses will also benefit from it. With successful
completions of this program, the idea will spread up to other provinces where women
entrepreneurs are active also.
This is a shared work between GIZ-SEDEP and Ministry of Commerce and Industry SME
directorate. After completion of the first phase in Balkh we will deliver leadership of the
program to the ministry staff and women associations, developing their capacity within the
program. Following that we will continue the program in Badakhshan, Takhar and Samangan

Submitted by Shogofa Sarabi
Project Coordinator

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