Afghanistan: Gender Equality in TVET


Efforts for Gender equality:

Gender training entail an understanding of existing gender relations and the obstacles to women’s active participation in the training addresses those obstacles by proposing context that addresses both women and men interests and needs by adopting training and facilitation methods that enhance women participation.

Gender awareness and gender in the views of Islam training takes into planning, implementing and evaluating training activities in order to ensure that women and men receive equitable rights from the learning process, women and men have different roles, responsibilities and decision-making power too.

As results, they have diffrent needs and prioirties that have to be taken into account,

When preparing and conducting training. Gender awareness and Gender in the view of Islam, integration and mainstreaming training is an issue of development effectiveness, not just a matter of doing somethings special for women, evidence demonstrates that when women and man are relatively equal, economics tend to grow faster, the poor move quickly out of poverty.

Awareness and mainstreaming can contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development for improving the welling for mountain communities.

Mission Goal:

The participants will be able to know more about gender equality and gender in the view of Islam and clarify gender concepts and provide senior specific program staff (Gender Unit Related staff, Managers, Deputy Managers, Senior Officers and officers), partners and

Commissioning parties taking the gender.

Individually advice for women:

Women from Deputy Ministry of Technical Vocational Education Training (DM TVET), they needs support and advice regarding gender issue and gender view of Islam, therefore, sometime they come to my office to discuss the issue with us and sometime, they calling us and try to get the advice and mostly the result of this kind of support is good and it seems it is working well and the women can implemented the idea. We are glade to help our partner’s female staff regarding any issues and critic topics about Gender, Hence, we communicate via cell phone or face-to-face discussions to put these kinds of issues into account for a better solution.

Thus, the conclusion will be analyzed and will implement by consideration of both negative and positive aspects in Gender awareness. 2

The achievements of your objectives:

  1. Overview of Gender in 2015 ( due to security issue and other important task we just had 4 Gender awareness workshop)
  2. Total No of participants = 71
  3. Total No of Female = 41
  4. Total No of Male = 30
  5. Location was Kabul and Herat ( Construction institute and Herat Technical institute)
  6. All TVET schools were involve ( under GIZ-TVET coverage)
  7. Publication of Gender Awareness book by GIZ TVET in Dari language.
  8. Publication of Gender FACT sheet.
  9. Support the TTTA female students and act as Gender Focal point of them
  10. Attended all Gender meeting in Kabul and one of active member of Gender Unit
  11. Support the TVET Female staff while there is any gander issues
  12. Support the TVET Male staff while there is any gander issues too
  13. Almost 90% of the students are female in our Business schools and 10% of students are female in technical schools now.
  14. TVET Program was able to train 51 Master trainers , 32 of them are female Master trainer in Vocational pedagogy , 5 of them are Master trainer in Internship program and the rest are in Communication area.

Impact of work:

The participants understood more about gender equality and gender in the views of Islam and clarify gender concepts, they promised to pass this massage within thier family, schools, communities and they are convinced that gender equality is one of the important part in the Islam Religion and they were unaware about it.

Thereofer, the impact of work shows, that all the participants were satisfy from this kind of workshops and had interst to have it in the future too.

They had proposal that if GIZ –TVET and DM-TVET be able to add the gender issue inside of TVET curriculum and the studetns of TVET be aware about gender equaliy ,it would be great and it would put more effect on society and families.

Plan of 2016:

  1. Conducting 10 workshops for capacity building of women and men in Gender awareness in 2016 in Kabul, Herat and Mazar
  2. Celebrating the Women International Day on 8th of March with DM TVET and Ministry of Women Affairs in Kabul
  3. Establishing English, Computer and literacy courses for female staff of DM –TVET and female teachers of TVET Schools.
  4. Establishing one library about women equality and empowerment.
  5. Establishing one small project about Women handcrafts industry
  6. Establishing one kinder garden for kids in DM TVET (purchase the kinds necessary things and equipment), hire 2 teachers and 2 cleaner.


Jamila Kawish Amiry

TVET Gender focal point

Kabul – Afghanistan

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